dimanche 6 février 2011

MonoDroid Project

.Net Developers can start now developing for Android using c# and visual Studio.

Android is the winning cart in the world of smartphones it is the most popular with more than 100000 applications in the MArketpalce also many devices use it as an OS, in one word it is the windows of the smartphones.

But before the monoDroid project .Net developers was filling envy and frustrated because they are disable to share the goodness of the Android world and they will have to learn a new Framework. Also
the people who use the Visual Studio IDE will have problems using Eclipse.
So with the mono project (open source project to make .net compatible with different platforms), Nouvel( the same company than introduced the MonoTaouch (framework able you to develop for iphone using .net) in 2009) has stepped up and presented the MonoDroid project. You can start developing for Android after you download the monDroid for visual studio and some other tools all the download instructions are found in this Link http://monodroid.net/Installation#Install_the_Java_JDK. Later more Tutorials will come up in order to introduce bettter the MonoDroid Project

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